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Automatic Reply from Outlook

This article will summarize the procedure to send the automatic reply from Outlook when a user is out of the office. 

For any help regarding Outlook, click on Outlook support

Follow the given points to send the automatic reply from the Outlook- 

·         Open Outlook and click on files and select automatic replies from the list. 

·         In automatic replies, select for send automatic replies. A user can also set the date for sending automatic replies. After reaching the set date, Outlook will not send automatic replies. 

·         Click on Inside my Organization tab and click the message you want to send when you are out of the office and tap on OK to save your settings. 

·         To turn OFF the automatic replies, click on Turn off seen at the bottom of windows of automatic reply. 

                                      Forwarding or redirecting a mail 

Forwarding and directing is not the same thing. Some users get confused between forwarded message and redirected a message. 

Forwarding- When a user forwards a message to another user, subject line undergoes a change by a designation FW which indicates that a message is forwarded. The format of the message gets changed according to the rule of receivers account. In forwarding, a user is able to see to a sender of a mail. 

Redirecting- When a mail is redirected automatically, it remains unchanged when it goes to the receiver. Unlike in forwarding, a user is not able to see the sender of the email, it appears that it came from an original sender. A copy of the message gets stored in the user's inbox or in the folder to which the message is delivered originally. 

To forward or to redirect a message, follow the given points- 

·         Open Outlook and click on files and select manage rules and alerts from the list

·         After clicking on manage rules and alerts, rules and alerts dialogue box will appear on the screen, click on Email rules and select for new rules. 

·         Tap on the apply rule on messages I receive and click next. 

·         Select the given options in step 1 

Ø  Forward it to people or public 

Ø  Redirect it to people or public 

·         Select the name for this rule in step 1. 

·         If you want to redirect or want to forward messages that are already present in the inbox, click on run this rule now on messages already in Inbox 

·         To redirect or to forward a message from a different Email account setup in Outlook, click on create this rule on all account. 

·         Tap on finish to complete the process. 


        If the above point doesn’t work out, click on the given link 

Post by disableipad (2017-08-01 04:41)

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