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Installing RAM in Lenovo laptop

RAM stands for random access memory. RAM is a physical hardware inside a laptop, it stores the data temporarily. The performance of the laptops largely depends on the RAM. If a user wants to increase the speed of the laptop, the first basic step for him to do is to update the RAM of the laptop. 

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company, manufactures various products like printers, laptops, Smartphone and much more device. 

For any help regarding Lenovo products, click on Lenovo support

This article will summarize the procedure to install the RAM in the Lenovo laptops. 

Follow the given points, to install it. 

·         The first step in installing a new RAM is turning a laptop in OFF position. Unplug the adaptor too. Make sure that you turn OFF the laptop instead turning it into sleep mode. If a laptop is in sleep mode, installing a new RAM might lose the saved data. Unplug all the cables attached to a laptop, it should be completely turned OFF. 

·         Open the cover placed above the RAM by a screw driver and remove the old RAM from the slot. For removing the RAM from the slot, pull the retention clip placed alongside RAM slot 

·         Place the new RAM inside the slot, close the back cover of RAM with the help of screw driver. 

·         Insert the battery in its slot and turn ON the laptop. 

·         After turning on the laptop, a message will appear on the screen indicating that amount of memory has changed. 


                         Cleaning of RAM stick 

RAM of a laptop is responsible for many problems of the laptop. If RAM is not in proper condition, a laptop can suffer from problems like blank display, systems freeze, GPU overheating, etc. 

Cleaning of RAM stick also requires some simple steps to follow. 

·         Cleaning gold contacts- Gold contacts should be cleaned perfectly and with full attention. The simple step for cleaning the gold contacts, rub the eraser on gold contacts in horizontal position. Care should be taken while rubbing the eraser, erasing should not damage any component. 

·         Upper body cleaning- For cleaning the upper body of RAM stick, use Isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is non-conductive and completely safe to use. 


For any help regarding the Lenovo laptop, click on the given link-



Post by disableipad (2017-08-01 04:53)

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